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The Full Story

Who we Are

We are a private corporation dedicated to providing trusted adult and personal assistance through our Non-Medical Support Division, house and cleaning services through our House Manager Division, child-care and kids club through our Children and Youth Program and babysitting through our Nanny on Call Division. Nanny Group International LLC. is the prime choice for corporations, tourism industry affiliates and families nation-wide to offer a diversity of services to families to help out in many ways in Puerto Rico.   


Our mission is to provide a full family care smart hub to families visiting Puerto Rico.  We have a complete selection of programs available to facilitate the best quality time you deserve, such as helping with children supervision and babysitting, in-home pet care, non-medical adult assistance and home organization/cleaning alternatives.


Our vision is to help our corporate clients and families nationwide around the clock through our complete family care and support system. We provide the best service solution to suit our clients' needs as they pop up through time.  Each of our associates is committed to assist our clientele in the most pristine manner to achieve a unique level of trust and quality that has identified our brand over two decades.

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