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Our Smart Hub for Friends and Families

nanny group smart hub
NGI serving families nationwide

   Experience Safety and Ease without worries!

  Explore your Possibilities!

Now YOU can enjoy the benefits of any of our Programs in our Family Smart Hub at a Corporate level or as part of our direct client.  Our Corporate Programs are one of a Kind.  Our purpose is to make life easier to all our clients.  Our Family Programs are unique to fit our families' lifestyles and necessities as they show up. All our services are delivered in a convenient, safe and easy way that please our patrons.  

What We

Contact us for pricing or to learn more about any of our programs.


Rental Managment and Cleaning Services

Our Rental Management and Cleaning Services brings to our clients a trusted solution that meet the highest standards of health that invitees and guests deserve.  Supervision and tracking of external services that have been arranged by our clients, such as mailing services, gardener, maid, subscriptions, alarm settings, small pets' supervision, light house chores, laundry and cooking services. Only our highly trained supervisors take such challenges. RATES BASED ON FAMILY NECESSITIES. 


In-Home Childcare

Our babysitting and temporary childcare division goes beyond corporate and parental expectations.

Our trusted international brand and signature add on to any international flag.  Our Nanny on Call Program is our PREMIUM childcare program that families self-search when in need.  We invite you to try our Family Offers and to keep  children safe!


Kids Club and Private Events

Our Child Care Division is well known for providing outstanding adequate childcare for your company. Activities for the Kids Club may include water sports, tennis, soccer and/or volleyball lessons, self-defense and dance lessons; movies, aerobics, swimming, beach walks, painting, crafts, table games, puzzles, cooking and excursions, depending on location and facilities. Your Company may get full program, including staff, itineraries, crafts and activities, or staff assistance.


Adult Care
Non-Medical Assistance

Our caring team is ready to assist your family or yourself.  Our private in-home helpers and reliable ladies will help in light house chores and daily tasks.  Non-medical or nursing service related. Minimum of four hours each visit. Ex. Short Walking, Reading,

Board Games, Companionship
Personal Caring

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