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Our Partner and Friends in Business

We have partnered with some great people to bring a complete and diversified help center to our families.  We have also selected some great local philanthropic organizations to support and to showcase their amazing work with children and animal well-being.

We believe that in giving and paying forward, we can make a difference to improve our community and our neighborhoods.  To deliver a great dose of humanity, love and caring back to our society is a rewarding experience that pairs up with our true commitment; that one that fulfill our hearts and bring a lot of hope to those in needs and to those who through our joint efforts improve their lives and their odds to smile back.

Searching for a trusted nanny/caregiver for your children, a beloved one, your house or your pets in your area?   It's available in all United States and its territories. Search no more parents, this is important, and you must check it out.    This is your safe solution!  AMAZING SITE!


Nanny on Call Program

Searching for a trusted childcare, nanny, babysitter or any kids friendly program or activity while in Puerto Rico?  Search no more parents, this is important, and you must check it out.    This is your safe solution!

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Raising Kiddos

If you need trusted information about growing pains, parents mild storms, children development or get some forums and chats with other parents and childcare development helpers.  This is your zone!


Jake's Friends Foundation

Would you like to see what we are doing for the strays and abandoned little paws in our community? This is a wonderful space to help animals in many ways; through donations, adoption, and some other ways to give back and support this beautiful project.  Come and see!

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